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repair manWe offer 24-hour service on spring repair and opener replacement. We are local and always pick up the phone. We operate 7 days a week in case of emergencies. Ask for Larry; he has over 25 years in the business. We also make custom wood doors.

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Helpful information with common garage door repairs

ATTENTION: One of the most significant contributing factors to the door opener and spring failure is the overall balance of your door. I have noticed over the years when I go out on a service call to repair damaged parts, the main culprit is always an imbalanced door.

broken springBroken spring repair. Sometimes the cost of spring repair will vary depending on how many springs you have installed. It is common practice to change out all of the springs if one happens to fail.

This is a good precaution and will save you the cost of what is sure to be another service call. The cost for one spring is zero because we can't do one spring unless you only have one. Two springs are $300.

In case you have custom-size springs, don’t worry. We will come out and have them cut to size the same day, and the cost is the same as a standard spring.

door openerGarage door openers.We recommend the LiftMaster belt drive openers because the gear assembly lasts longer due to low maintenance and quiet operation.

A basic LiftMaster opener for a one car garage door will cost $600 installed out the door and can be installed the same day. It takes from 30 to 45 minutes tops for the installation.

Stripped out gears. Here is an example of a typical Lift Master 1/2 horse power door opener with stripped gears. This opener lifted a two car garage door. Replacing the gears is possible but it's really not worth the investment.

We recommend a LiftMaster belt driven replacement for $700 out the door, and that's installed. This opener comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt. We have only had three belts break since 1996.

damaged doorDamaged Door. The door came down on the car or other obstacle and ripped the bolts out. The door is still on the track. Service call $89 plus parts if needed. The $89 should cover re-drilling and getting the door working.

The door doesn't shut all the way, and when it's opened, it doesn't go all the way up. Service call $89. This could be a simple adjustment, but you never know. If we need to replace a part, there would be an additional cost for that part.

door rollerRollers off the track or cables snapped. A normal service call should do the trick. If the cable is snapped, you will need another set of cables which runs approximately $30. Replacement rollers run between $5 and $12 each, depending on the style. No extra charge for putting the new rollers on, and on most jobs, it's covered under the $89 service charge.

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